Valera Green Screen Guide

Before we jump into how to use a green screen, let’s learn what a green screen actually does and familiarize ourselves with a few key terms.

Green Screen: Technically, this term refers to the colored background you want to make transparent and remove from your shot. This is usually a single colored backdrop, which can be any color, but is usually bright green because it is the color furthest away from human skin tones.

Chroma Key: This popular term goes hand-in-hand with green screen. It’s the actual technique of layering, or compositing two images based on color hues. Every color has a chroma range, hence where the terminology comes from.

Why It Matters: The better and more clearly you can separate the subject/person from the background, you can make a cleaner visual effect. Green screens are able to separate the subject from the background and Chroma Key allows this separation to occur.

There are three non-negotiable rules to lighting a green screen:

- The lighting must be even

- The lighting must be soft and diffuse

- The green screen must be lit separately from the subject.

When lighting your green screen background, the goal is to get the lighting as even as possible. This helps ensure that the green coloring is even, with no hot spots or shadows, which will help with the chroma key process in post-production. You will also need to light your actors and the green screen separately, preferably with the actors and the green screen background at least six feet apart. Remember to match the lighting on your actor to the scene in which they’ll appear once the green screen is composited.

All of Valera Green Screen are made with our proprietary CHROMABOOST wrinkle resistant fabric with high vibrancy that make your streams and video productions look good EVEN IN LESS THAN THAN IDEAL LIGHTING. That’s why our customers love our Valera Green Screens!

Don’t have a professional lighting setup? Your room or filming area a little dark? No problem!

All of Valera Green Screen are made with our proprietary CHROMABOOST wrinkle resistant fabric with high vibrancy that make your streams and video productions look good EVEN IN LESS THAN THAN IDEAL LIGHTING.

Valera Green Screens are made with our customers and their needs in mind. You can pick up and take your Valera Green Screen and set it up anywhere and feel confident that you’ll have great results.

Everyone has different needs and use their Green Screens in amazing and different ways, so it’s hard to have a standard answer for every single possible use. However, here are some classic scenarios that hopefully help you decide which size is best for you!

Creator 95: Ultra-Portable Green Screen that’s great for one person/subject. Easy to store set-up and quickly store away under a table or bed. Perfect for quick setup up in any room for a single, one on one video or photo shoot, or behind your gaming chair for live streaming. Our Best Seller!

Explorer 70: Super Portable Green Screen that’s also great for one person/subject. Explorer 70 is our most affordable Green Screen that can also be rotated for horizontal or vertical needs. Set it up vertically if you want to set it up behind your gaming chair or want to film a one-on-one video shoot. Or horizontally if you want to take advantage of the width of the green screen. Perfect for those who have specific needs that want a small and portable green screen.

Explorer 90: Our Biggest and Most Versatile Green Screen that is perfect for multiple people on camera. Want to film two people having a great conversation? Need to showcase items or have another subject you want in front of the Green Screen with you? No problem! Our Explorer 90 Green Screen can comfortably fit two people and help you achieve your needs

For decades, green screen technology has been used to create some of the most awe-inspiring special effects seen in your favorite movies and TV shows. Valera is now making this same technology available to you — at a fraction of the cost. We make it easy for you to wow audiences by immersing yourself in any imaginative background or setting of your choosing. Our mission is to empower your creativity with ultra-portable, high-quality green screens at an affordable price.

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