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March 25, 2019 1 min read

Video and Film Equipment Reviewer, DoddleNews, Reviews Valera Screens


In today’s mobile filmmaking, content creator atmosphere, it can be quite a challenge if you have to use a green screen. How do you do that when you’re move from location to location? You can’t always be in a studio after all. That’s where the Valera Explorer 90 and Creator series green screens can come in handy.

Writer leading online resource for filmmakers, Doddlenews, wrote a review for Valera Green Screens and rated the Valera 90 and Creator 95, a 4 out of 5 star rating.

"It’s robust, easy to setup, and would make a valuable addition to your filmmaking kit, especially if you’re doing reports on location, talking head videos, or anywhere else you need a green screen to shoot from the knees up," said James in his review. "Valera is sought to address a gap in a content creator’s arsenal by providing them with the tools to Chromakey on the fly, no matter where the creator is. Whether recording in a studio, or out on location, the Valera green screens fills that void nicely."

READ MORE at: https://doddlenews.com/doddlereview-valera-green-screens/